What is a Community Foundation?


They do this by carefully investing the charitable gifts of donors and using the investment income to make grants for the community. Community foundations also undertake local leadership initiatives. They monitor their community’s quality of life and convene people, ideas, and resources to help build stronger and more resilient communities.
There are 191 community foundations in Canada today. Each is linked through Community Foundations of Canada, the national umbrella organization that has supported local foundations since 1994.

Who We Are and What We Do


Our Mission is to:

A community working together to enhance the quality of life for all.


Our Vision

We are a catalyst for strengthening our community by creating meaningful connections that address the issues of today and tomorrow through investing in people, ideas and solutions.


Our Values

Growth and Transformation

We place a high value on growth and transformation because these principles are foundational to building a stronger, more resilient community. The Foundation understands that as Greater Sudbury evolves and adapts, positive growth can lead to improved living conditions, expanded opportunities, and an overall better quality of life for its residents. This commitment to growth and transformation is rooted in a long-term perspective, ensuring that Sudbury's community can sustainably prosper for generations to come.


Empathy and Compassion
At its essence, we believe in the power of understanding and the importance of kindness. By valuing empathy, we ensure that it truly comprehends the unique needs and challenges faced by the Sudbury community. It's a commitment to recognizing and alleviating the struggles of individuals and families, fostering inclusivity, and treating every member of the community with respect and care.


Engagement and Transparency

We are deeply committed to engagement and transparency. They actively involve stakeholders and seek input, ensuring their initiatives align with community needs. Transparency is integral, we provide a clear, accessible information on its activities and financial management, fostering trust and encouraging continued support for a stronger Sudbury community.


Diversity and Inclusiveness

These two principles celebrate the richness of Sudbury's diverse population and strive to ensure that every individual, regardless of differences, feels valued and empowered to participate in community life. We actively engage with various individuals and organizations to address unique needs and promote unity in the community. Through these values, we aim to create a more equitable and harmonious community, where everyone can thrive and contribute to its growth and transformation.


How We Do It

Foundational Expertise: Our staff and Board of Directors have expert knowledge in planned giving options, professional fund administration and management, grant making and assessment. Our Board and Investment Committee are independent senior community leaders with expertise in taxation, accounting, law, business, and philanthropy. We are supported by the community and are part of a national network of 191 community foundations under the umbrella group, Community Foundations of Canada.


Convenient One-Stop Administration: We provide all-inclusive stewardship to our individual and corporate donors including simplified record-keeping, tax return preparation, fund administration, preparation of personalized and mutually agreed-upon fund agreements, and in-house generation of charitable tax receipts for our donors.


Community Engagement: We keep informed of trends and issues in our community through leadership efforts like our annual Vital Signs report, a community check-up. In turn, this report informs our granting, allowing us to grant to the most pressing community needs. We also stimulate community engagement by delivering a five-month leadership development program, Emerging Leaders, for young professionals in Greater Sudbury. It is our goal for the program to encourage community leadership and advocacy, not just for the future but for the now as well.