Emerging Leaders Program



Emerging Leaders is a four workshop series leadership program ideal for emerging professionals in Greater Sudbury who have an interest in community building and philanthropy. Open to professionals in any sector, ages 20-35, at various stages in their career and/or education, it was our vision to continue to support our community through education and networking opportunities and leadership training.

Emerging Leaders saw a cohort of seventeen participants hear an inspirational talk on “Activism & Philanthropy” by Senator Nancy Ruth. As the Foundation’s 2016 Grants Committee, they deliberated and distributed a grand total of $21,500 in grant funding to local charities.

In 2017, 28 participants completed the program successfully and distributed $20,000 in grants at the 19th Annual Grants Award Ceremony. Emerging Leaders is a program of the Sudbury Community Foundation which is driven by one word: “community”.

Council of 100 Emerging Leaders Program provides an excellent opportunity for driven individuals (emerging leaders) to learn from and with current community leaders and emerging leaders alike. In addition, it provides valuable networking opportunities. It is a program that will surely facilitate and create further momentum for the development of our community.

– Christine Harvey, 2016 Emerging Leaders participant


Thank you again for such a wonderful program. It was a delight to get to know everyone and be exposed to such a key organization in the construct of our city. The work the Community Foundation does not go unnoticed and I applaud you for nurturing another generation of leaders. I am honoured to have been amongst the group.

– Spenser Shaw, 2016 Emerging Leader


I feel fortunate to have participated in the Emerging Leaders Program in 2016. It was an extremely humbling experience to be amongst a group of aspiring leaders from the Sudbury community. It presented us with many opportunities to connect with peers and to learn from and be inspired by seasoned community leaders. Through a variety of interactive workshops, we learned a lot about ourselves as well as the importance of philanthropic giving to a growing community.

– Taryn Green, 2016 Emerging Leader


Emerging Leaders Program was a great way of meeting some of Greater Sudbury’s best and brightest as well as learning more about the importance of philanthropy in our community. I would highly recommend Emerging Leaders to any and all interested parties. I will certainly be drawing on the experience I’ve gained over the past four months.

– Shane Gordon, 2017 Emerging Leader


The Emerging Leaders Program was overall a great learning experience. Each session had a different focus and the accompanying workshop permitted the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals and students. Additionally, these workshops allowed me to learn about Sudbury and the various initiatives currently taking place. I highly recommend this program to anyone that may be new to Sudbury or would like to network with individuals that are taking part in amazing work in this community.

– Doniya Quenneville, 2017 Emerging Leader


For more information please contact Sally Dunton at executive@sudburycf.ca