Board and Staff

A strong Board of Directors and a resourceful staff, along with a group of dedicated vounteers, are the driving forces behind the success of SCF! 

Together, we are able to help provide Greater Sudbury's local non-profts and charitable organizations  so we can continue to transform Greater Sudbury, now and for generations to come!

Kyle McCall, Board President
Business Development and Commercialization Manager, Ontario Centre of Innovation

Marc Belanger, Treasurer, Finance and Investment Committee Chair
Senior Manager, Baker Tilly SNT

Briana Fram, Secretary
Marketing and Promotions Officer, Economic Development, City of Greater Sudbury

Rahim Dharamsi, Board Member
Associate Director, Development at Windmill Microlending

Tannys Laughren, Board Member
Volunteer Lead, Health Sciences North

Josee Blais, Board Member

Raymond Bisaillon, Vice-President
Bisaillon Asset Management 

Elizabeth Aho, Board Member
Development Officer, Heath Sciences North

Tristan Richie, Board Member
Real Estate Agent, Lake City Realtor

Adnan Zaman, Board Member
IAMGOLD Community Relations

Heather Jessup-Falconi, Board Member
Professor Emeritus, Laurentian University

Sally Dunton, Executive Director