Reasons To Give

No matter what you’re passionate about, you can support it through the Sudbury Community Foundation!

When you choose to give through SCF, you are not only supporting important causes, but you are also joining a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference!

With a deep understanding of our community and its local charities, we are intimately familiar with their challenges and pressing needs. This approach ensures sustainability in Greater Sudbury—a sensible and distinctive way forward!

Benefits of Giving to the Sudbury Community Foundation

Highly Personal and Flexible Options.

There are a wide variety of giving options available to explore: gifts of cash, life insurance, RRSPs and RRIFs, appreciated securities, bequests, and charitable remainder trusts. We work with you and your financial advisor to find the giving options that fit your philanthropic vision and financial plan.


A single gift can meet all of your charitable interests and at the same time, maximize your tax benefits and record-keeping.

Deep Community Knowledge.

We understand our community and know about local issues and disparities so that you can align your philanthropic vision with community needs, investing in the causes that you care about.


We provide annual fund reports that include a record of your fund’s granting history. The Foundation’s audited statements are available to donors.


Your gift becomes a timeless legacy that will benefit this community forever. Because the principal is never spent, the value of your gift is returned to the community over and over again.


Your gift will have long-term impact as it is pooled with others for investment purposes bringing higher returns back to the community. As a donor, you also have the option to create a fund that draws from both the principal and earnings for higher immediate impact.

Get Involved!


Donate to an existing fund that supports a cause that you are passionate about and become a catalyst for change!

Community Grants

Learn how SCF supports local charitable organizations, including granting priorities, criteria and application dates.

Start a Fund

See what types of funds we have to offer at the Sudbury Community Foundation and how to become a fundholder.