Named Fund Options

Help shape the future of greater sudbury's by selecting the fund type that is right for you.


Many different types of named funds are available.  Each is designed to meet a different philanthropic objective.


Agency Funds

Charities may wish to create an agency fund with all earnings flowing directly back to the organization.  An agency fund makes it easy for organizations to receive the benefits of an endowment fund for their organization without having to manage the legal requirements and administrative costs.  Donors can have confidence that a permanent Foundation is in place to professionally administer an agency fund on behalf of the charity.


Designated Funds

A designated fund is a wonderful way to support one specific charity or several charities that are close to your heart.  In this case, the Foundation will distribute grants from your fund to the specific charity or charities that you name.


Discretionary Community Funds

This is an undesignated gift that enables the Foundation to respond to the most pressing needs of the day. Because we can’t predict what will happen in the future, a community fund can make a real difference where it is needed most. A community fund helps the widest possible range of community needs:  children, seniors, environment, arts, culture, education, health, social services, and more.


Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds enable you – whether you are an individual, family, or corporate entity – to work with the Foundation to select the cause or causes you wish to support in any given year. Your recommendations are presented to the Foundation’s board of directors for approval and the Foundation manages the grant distribution. This is a powerful giving tool that keeps you personally involved in the grant making process and provides a mechanism for corporate strategic giving. It offers the flexibility of a private foundation without the cost and administrative requirements. 


Field of Interest Funds

You can identify a particular area of interest that you care about and the Foundation will make grants to charities and the projects that fall within this grouping. Your gift will continue to be flexible enough to meet emerging needs in your specified field of interest.


Flow-Through Funds

A flow-through fund is a gift from a donor that is given in its entirety to a particular charity or charities through the Foundation. It may be a gift that the donor wishes to be anonymous, or one that he or she wishes to be given out at a future date. Or, it may be one that a current fund holder wants to give out in addition to the earnings from their named fund. Flow-through funds from existing fund holders are done as a courtesy to fund holders. Others interested in this service are welcome to contact the Foundation for its fee structure.


Perpetuating Funds

Friends of the Foundation may wish to establish or add to an operating fund to assist the Foundation to meet its administrative obligations and help it to continue its important work in our community.


Private Foundation Transfers

Community foundations are often recipients of private or family foundations. This is a highly cost effective and efficient way to manage a private foundation. The Foundation has the donor administration, investment, governance and grant making experise, as well as knowledge of the community. A family or organization can continue to be involved in grant making without the burden of managing a complete organizational structure.


Scholarship and Bursary Funds

You can create a scholarship or bursary fund to support deserving students in particular fields of endeavour or attending specific institutions. You select eligibility criteria that express your particular values and vision. You can be part of the selection committee reviewing applications.