Meet our Donors and their Funds


Killarney-Shebanoning Outdoor Environmental Education Centre Fund

In 2010, this fund was established by the Sudbury Catholic District School Board to support the activities of this proposed centre.


Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre Fund
In 2011, the Capreol Centre created this fund to help sustain NORMHC.

Science North Fund
In 2010, this fund was established by Science North to support their work.

United Way Tomorrow Fund
This agency fund was a legacy gift from a long-time United Way supporter. Earnings from the fund go toward supporting the work of United Way Sudbury and Nipissing Districts.

Theatre Cambrian Fund
The purpose of this Fund is to support the charitable purposes and activities of Theatre Cambrian.


Brian and Ann Koivu Family Fund
This designated fund was established by Brian and Ann Koivu to assist the Foundation with its operational sustainability.

James Grassby Youth Fund
James Neil Grassby was a unique Sudburian and lifelong philanthropist. As a professional engineer, James’ career with INCO spanned 42 years. He spent a lifetime making Greater Sudbury a better place to live. Always the visionary, James could see a need and then he mobilized others to work with him to meet that need. That was how Sudbury’s first credit union and United Way came into being. That was also how the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth came into being; Jim gave his own money to build what has become an award-winning agency for street youth. He spent many years supporting their work and in 2003, to ensure that the agency continued long into the future, he established the James Grassby Youth Fund with the Sudbury Community Foundation.

Every so often we witness a life that changes every aspect of a community for the better. James Grassby’s life was one that made our city, our economy, and our community stronger. – Chris Nash, at James’ memorial service in 2011.

John and Mary Stefura Family Fund
John and Mary Stefura started this designated fund to support the Art Gallery of Sudbury and the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.

L'Arche Sudbury Fund
This designated fund was recently established to help sustain L'Arche Sudbury.

Pauline and Herbert Goodspeed Fund
Herbert Goodspeed has made a gift of appreciated securities for awards to staff members at Pioneer Manor who had reached 20 years of service.

Pauline and Herbert Goodspeed Penniac United Baptist Church Fund
This fund was established for the maintenance and improvement of this church and cemetery.

Sudbury Living Magazine Group Fund
Established by the Laurentian Media Magazine Group, this fund supports the charitable activities of Habitat for Humanity.

The Pegasus Student Equity Fund
This agency fund was established by The Pegasus Equity Fund Advisory Group at Chelmsford Valley District Composite School. It was established to assist students at this school who have significant financial need so that they can continue with their studies.


Glencore Sudbury Community Development Fund
A community fund established by Xstrata in 2007, to address areas of need in Sudbury as they arise from year to year.

Tom Davies Millennium Fund
Sudbury's Regional Chairman until his death in 1997, Tom Davies envisioned a community foundation to strengthen Sudbury’s charitable and volunteer sector. The Foundation named its first community fund in his honour. The fund continues to grow through donations from the public who continue to remember the strong visionary leadership that Tom brought to this community.


Anonymous Fund
This donor advised fund will be used to support a wide range of local charitable activities.

The Bill Goring and William Goring Memorial Fund
Bill's family established this field of interest fund for outdoor education and recreation to acknowledge Bill's strong love for the outdoors. Family members work with the Foundation in selecting appropriate charities to receive grants from this fund.

Compassionate Community Fund
This fund was established by Raymond Bisaillon and his family along with Julie Nicholls, a family relative, to benefit a wide range of local charities.

Ernie Impola Fund
When Mr. Impola passed away, his employer Mitch Spiegel established this fund as a stand-alone foundation. In 2000, Mr. Spiegel moved it to the Sudbury Community Foundation to administer as a donor-advised fund. Mr. Spiegel continues to be active in determining charities to receive grants from the fund.

Fonds Gabriel et Laura Bélanger
In 2007, this donor-advised fund was established by Gabriel and Laura Bélanger on the occasion of their 50th anniversary. Friends and family celebrated the event with donations to their fund.

Gord and Pat Slade Heritage Fund
Gord Slade was born in 1930 and grew up in Simonhouse, a railway settlement of 2 buildings in the middle of Manitoba bush and swamp, 500 miles north of Winnipeg. One of a family of 12 children, Gord received scholarships to complete university as a geologist. He married Pat, raised 3 children in Sudbury, and retired here. Gord prospered in mining, eventually as a vice-president of Falconbridge Nickel Mines and as a director of several other mining company boards. When they set up the Gord and Pat Slade Heritage Fund at the Sudbury Community Foundation, Gord and Pat commented that their goal is to die penniless; they have gone about the business of giving back to the communities that were part of the abundant legacy of their lives. With their input, the Gord and Pat Slade Heritage Fund has already greatly enriched our community including grants to the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre, Club de Soccer les Voyageurs, Health Sciences North Snoozlin Pool, Laurentian School of Architecture student projects, and Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre. Because the Fund is endowed, grants will continue to enrich our community forever.

Kaiser’s Social Impact Fund
Peter and Katharina Kaiser established this donor advised fund primarily to support vulnerable Sudburians as well as children in impoverished or war-torn countries. It is their wish that each grant have a positive impact on individuals in need.

Kristin Kivikink Memorial Fund
This is a donor advised and memorial fund.

John Lindsay Family Fund
This donor advised fund is intended to benefit a wide range of local charities.

Joey Packota Charitable Trust in Honour of Ella and Joseph Packota
This donor advised fund was established to support charities, projects, and activities benefiting Coniston, Ontario, as well as bursaries for students from Coniston who are studying in the arts.

Professional Engineers of Ontario (Sudbury Chapter) Fund
This donor advised fund was established through the fundraising efforts of Sudbury’s Professional Engineers.

Sudbury Regional Tree Fund
In 1997, this fund was established by the Sudbury’s regional government to support Sudbury’s ecosystems and regreening programs.

Ukrainian Seniors Fund
Proceeds from the Garlic Festival were used to establish this donor advised fund.


Sofie Manarin Memorial Fund
This fund was established in memory of Sofie Manarin when she passed away in 2001 while training for an upcoming cross-country skiing season.


Mary Jane Christakos Fund
This fund was established to support Arts Education.


Courtney Herold Children's Fund
Established by the Herold Family in memory of Courtney Herold, this fund is a wish fund for children with medical or health difficulties.

Greater Sudbury Charities Fund
This fund was started by the City of Greater Sudbury to enhance the operating capacity of charities who deliver programs beneficial to the Sudbury community. The Social Investment Partnership Sudbury (SIPS) grants were developed to assist promising local charities to build their organizations or undertake social enterprise projects.


Kids Come First Fund
This field of interest fund was established by CIBC with a $3,000 gift to the Foundation and a challenge to the City of Sudbury to match it, which they did. It is part of the Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation umbrella.

Maurice Keaney Memorial Fund
This is a field of interest fund for children and youth. It was the first memorial endowment fund received by the Foundation in 1996.


Parenting the Environment Fund
This fund was created by Chris and Roger Nash, two well-known Sudburians and philanthropists. By linking the fund to the Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation, Chris and Roger brought together their love of children, outdoor recreation, and the environment.

Performing Arts Fund
The Foundation started a performing arts fund as a result of a small donation from a Toronto-based film company.

Riley Gallo Children's Wish Fund
In 2001, the staff of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation established a field of interest fund for children with special or health needs.

W. Bruce Martin Memorial Fund
This is a field of interest endowment favouring health and the arts.


James and Carmen Simmons Family Fund
This fund was established to assist the Foundation with its operational sustainability.

Michael Martin Arts Leadership Fund
Michael Martin’s legacy gift to the Sudbury Community Foundation was undesignated. With the guidance of Pat, Michael’s widow, the Foundation established an arts leadership fund in Michael’s name to help the Foundation support major emerging arts and culture projects in Sudbury by providing fledgling groups with office space and administrative support.

Sudbury Community Foundation Alumni Sustainability Fund
The Fund is supported by friends of the Foundation and set up to support operational sustainability.


Bourse Hélène Gravel
Hélène Gravel was a well-known Sudbury thespian who was instrumental in establishing a theatre arts program at Laurentian University. This bursary fund was established to assist post-secondary students from Northern Ontario who are pursuing education in theatre arts.

Pat Stokes Memorial Fund
This fund, established in 2016, is to provide bursaries to disadvantaged students who are enrolled in post-secondary studies.

Michaëlle Jean Sudbury Afro-Canadian Heritage Fund
The Foundation awards bursaries from the fund to secondary school graduates of African heritage who reside in Greater Sudbury or North-Eastern Ontario and have demonstrated financial need. Scholastic performance is considered an asset.

Richard Roy Dixon Bursary Fund
This fund was established by Mr. Dixon to help students from Greater Sudbury who were in the top 25% of graduates and who wanted to pursue a post-secondary education but were held back because of financial constraints.

Romeo Cundari Memorial Music Bursary Fund
This fund was established by the Cundari family in memory of Romeo Cundari, a well-known local musician, to assist students pursuing post-secondary music studies.

The Twisted Doll Continuing Education Fund
This bursary fund supports graduating secondary school students from the Greater Sudbury area pursuing studies in visual arts and fine arts at the post-secondary level.


Sudbury and District Law Association Bursary Fund

In 2017, the Sudbury and District Law Association started a bursary fund with the goal to award bursaries to a student from Northern Ontario who is enrolled in a Canadian Law School.


James and Carmen Simmons Bursary Fund
This bursary fund was established to assist students of Indigineous heritage who are attending a Canadian post-secondary institution.